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Dental Crowns in Oradell, NJ

Are you finding yourself favoring a specific side of your mouth during meals? Perhaps you’re avoiding crunchy foods altogether due to a sudden sharp pain when you chew. These habits might be indicators of a fractured tooth, which is a serious concern.

Even if the crack in your tooth isn’t immediately visible, any sensation you feel could signify a need for your dentist’s evaluation. Ignoring such symptoms could lead to infections as bacteria can penetrate deep into the tooth, potentially causing pulp death or even tooth splitting. None of these outcomes are desirable.

To mitigate these risks, getting fitted for a crown might be the best solution. At Oradell Dental Associates, we have extensive experience in crown procedures, ensuring a well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing crown that safeguards your teeth from daily wear and tear.

And the best part? There’s a range of crown options available, providing both durability and cosmetic enhancement, allowing you to confidently showcase a uniform smile without anyone suspecting any dental work.

What does the crown procedure entail?

Typically, a crown procedure involves two visits. During your initial appointment, precise molds (or impressions) of your teeth will be taken to create a customized crown. A temporary crown will also be crafted to protect your tooth until the permanent crown is ready.

While your tooth is numbed, any decay will be removed, and the surface will be shaped to accommodate the crown. Once prepared, a temporary crown will be placed, and your bite will be checked for proper alignment. The permanent crown will be fabricated to match your tooth’s color and fit precisely. Remember, the temporary crown is temporary, so it won’t match your teeth perfectly.

During your second appointment, the temporary crown will be replaced with the permanent one after ensuring the fit and bite alignment are accurate. You’ll receive instructions on caring for your new crown and be advised to schedule regular dental check-ups. Mealtime should be enjoyable, not uncomfortable or painful. Call today to schedule a consultation, or inquire about crown procedures during your next visit to your Oradell dentist or hygienist.

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